Greg Hutchins - Installer is arrogant, rude, put windows in that are not for this climate but for much warmer.

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I ordered windows through Greg Hutchins, who SAYS he is partners with his brother Bruce Hutchins in Mpls., MN.area selling these windows.

I am not sure if I believe anything he says at this point. I live in Albert Lea, MN, as does Greg Hutchins. I trusted Greg and gave him money up front as he said he needed the money to place the order. After the first order I ordered two more windows.

Now that its very cold I noticed the windows were not very efficient. I did not really check the efficiency of the windows when ordering because I trusted Greg to get the right ones. I text Greg several times wanting to know what the status was on the second order at which time Greg wrote me a warning about how the windows are made in Kansas, and how they could be delayed because of this that and the other thing. I did not get an answer as to the status but his negative response made me suspicious.

I asked him again if he would check the status. I also changed the type of window while waiting for the two windows ordered around Nov, 20th, 2012 from sliders to double hung. I realize this would make a difference in the length of time they will arrive, but i still wanted to know the status since they were meant to improve the cosmetic look before an appraisal. Greg is very defensive and refuses to call or text me back regaarding the windows.

I told him I was apprehensive because of his attitude. He said after ordering the windows after about 2 weeks of waiting for them the window company wanted him to re-measure the window needed. This makes no sense to me since the window company has no idea if the first measurement was sufficient or not. Please call me at 507 383 4131 since your installer will not return any answers except for a very arrogant 'cocky' text saying the status was 'it is what it is' and that I am way out of line.

SERIOUSLY??? I noticed on the sticker on one of the windows the efficency of the windows was for the more tropical states. NOT Minnesota!! I am very angry at this point and want to track the order myself with your help.

Marjorie Renchin resident of Albert Lea, MN.56007

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